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How to tan quickly? Appropriate cosmetics, dietary supplements and movement can help in this. Before you reach for our advice, you must remember that long and intense sunbathing is dangerous for all of us, regardless of the type of complexion.
At the beginning we will mention only one of the most controversial methods that we strongly advise against - soaking up the sun after a sea bath without wiping the skin with a towel. Salty water droplets then act on the sun's rays like a magnet. This threatens, first of all, with peeling skin.
Get supplements

These preparations will prepare the skin for an encounter with the sun. In their composition you will find beta-carotene, which is one of many compounds belonging to carotenoids (plant dyes). Start taking supplements at the beginning of the holiday, because it will take about 3-4 weeks before they start working.
You can also drink pure carrot juice every day - it has the same effect and is also healthier. If you don't like carrots, beta-carotene is also found in other yellow and orange vegetables and fruits as well as green leafy vegetables.

Do you like sunbathing?

Yes! I love a strong tan!

Yes, but in moderation, I always use UV filters

No, I think tan is passe

Use the accelerator

The tanning accelerator is a cosmetic that lovers of sun-kissed skin will love. These types of products will speed up melanin production and give you a really nice, natural-looking tan.
Most of them are equipped with a solar filter, but very low, usually at the level of SPF 5 - SPF 10. The use of an accelerator must be combined with a cream with a filter at a minimum level of SPF 30.

Use carrot oil

Carrot oil thanks to the high content of beta-carotene improves skin color - gives it a slightly darker shade, and deepens and fixes tan.
Use it every day after returning from the beach. The skin will not only get a prettier color much faster, but will also be perfectly moisturized and regenerated.
Better often and less than once and for a long time

Fast doesn't always mean beautiful at least when it comes to tanning. Our skin is not used to the sun. During the first holiday days we advise against prolonged lounging in the sun, especially between 11 and 14, when it shines most strongly.
Better and shorter than once and for a long time is an iron rule that each of you should remember. This will allow you to enjoy a long, beautiful tan without redness and glowing skin. Sunbathe up to 2 hours a day.

Thanks to this, you will not only be slimmer, but also your tan will be prettier. While you are moving, you tan evenly. Play volleyball, beach ball, build sand castles or do whatever you fancy.

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